Hello, it's Miles again ! I don't know if I already told you but I spend a lot of time playing consoles. 2 consoles leaders are Playstation 4 and Xbox one, but for many people, it is difficult to know which is the best, which one to choose ?

I have the opportunity to use the 2 so I'll give you strengths and weaknesses of each.

First, The Xbox One

Everything is in his name. "One" to "Single": the unique box which, thanks to its power, will allow you to enjoy all activities leisure lounge, games to streaming video through Skype discussions with his family or his friends. A large part of that promise to do everything is explain by the presence of the Kinect's second generation module in the box. It is no longer sold separately. This sensor movements and voice commands is present with all Xbox One, which explains to a large extent 100 euros of difference with the PS4.

Unlike the PS4 which offers one month free subscription to PlayStation Plus, Microsoft doesn't give gift or discount. It's a little hard, knowing that you need an Xbox Live Gold account at 60 Euro per year for access to everything that comes out of the field of the single-player game. But it is important to know that the owners of an account Xbox 360 will be able to use it with their Xbox One.
The Xbox One is considerably less smooth and more voluminous than the PS4. But the aesthetic remains the opinion of each. We have same right at the same brick used to power only with the Xbox 360. Contrast that with the PS4 which manages to keep this block inside. Every generation has its advantage and disadvantages. May this have an influence on the system's temperature and ventilation? In fact, the Xbox One is full of fans on the upper wall and on the sides. It is designed to run 24 hour on twenty-four and seven days a week. Even leaving often lit, it makes virtually no noise. This changing of the noise of engine produced by the original Xbox 360 and for me it's one of the best improvement with the Xbox One.
The Xbox One weighs about 3.6 kilograms and measuring 34 cm wide by 26 cm deep on 8 centimeters in height. It is not as deep as the PS4 (28 x 30 x 5 cm) and, unlike the latter, its hard disk of 500 GB can not be replaced.
Kinect 2.0 comes with the console and totally integrated into its operating system while the PlayStation Camera of the PS4 remains an option to 60 euros. The Kinect is not necessarily required to operate the console, but Microsoft highly recommend its installation at the time of its commissioning.

The gameplay

What is practical: during any session of play, it is possible to pause and return to the operating system of the console interface, to watch TV, to open other applications or access to the settings. The game paused is lost only if you start another or if you turn off the console.

Playsation 4

1 year ago I had the chance to find a new apartment a very good price and very well located on immobilier-France.fr suddenly the decor of the apartment was different and I thought to myself that this was the opportunity to try the playstation 4 which would go better with this decoration (and Yes Let's find excuses sometimes... ahah). The first thing is that Playstation 4 is cheaper than Xbox one.

The technical specifications of the two game consoles are extremely close. The two enjoys a variety of quite reduced exclusive games and offers a lot of adaptations of already existing title on previous generation consoles: PS3 and Xbox 360. Another similarity: the non-retro-compatibility of games with previous consoles.
An important think to know : the PlayStation 4 must be connected to an HD TV through an HDMI Jack, because there is no analog output (composite or component) for the PlayStation.
The difference in the Xbox One, which only arises in a horizontal position, the PS4 may also be positioned vertically. Sony recommends that you use a dedicated for this vertical position support, but the PS4 seems to hold upright by itself.
While the Xbox 360 gamepad is the nearly perfect copy of the original Xbox, the DualShock 4 boasts a new realization (rather impressive). With it Sony has done a beautiful job. It gum almost all defects of the DualShock 3, the control is much easier !
The PlayStation 4 like the Xbox One enjoys considerable efforts in streamlining the user interface. It is easier and more efficient than before.
For all information on new games, interface,... the Playsation site is very well done and all the time updated.
I don't think so there is one console really better than the other, it depend of the opinion of each !
See you soon for my next articles !