Simple and Easy Weight Training Exercises You Can Do At Home

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I would like to welcome you back to my sports and fitness blog. Most people, like me, enjoy to workout to stay in shape and healthy. But for beginners it often is hard to get started, to find the right exercises and pieces of equipment. Also most people think you have to buy special and expensive gear in order to work out properly. But that is not the case.
That's why this time I decided to give you some simple and easy weight training exercises you can do at home. I start with some basic bodyweight exercises you can do without any special equipment. Afterwards I will give some recommendation on what to buy.

Bodyweight Exercises

These are very easy exercises where you simply use your own bodyweight, as the name suggests. The big advantage is you don't need any additional equipment at all. The piece of sports equipment is just your own body. A great overview of the best bodyweight exercises can be found at

Push Up

The most common ones are squats, sit-ups and crunches, push-ups as well as the famous burpee. The latter is actually part of the Army fitness program. It combines a few basic exercises to one fluid motion.

But it's advantage is also it's weakness. Due to the fact you are only using your own bodyweight, you can't really vary the degrees of difficulty. If you are doing push-ups, you can, for example, heighten feet. You can put them on a few books or a chair, whatever is available to you, to increase the effect. But you are fairly limited with all the above mentioned exercises.


If you are looking for more possibilities, you can get yourself some weights. There is no need to spent a fortune on them. You can buy good quality second hand dumb-bells at the great shopping website They sell versatile sets at very good prices. You can also purchase additional weights if you already have dumb-bells.


With these pieces of equipment you can do a lot of exercises and train nearly every muscle in your body. Later on, you additionally want to buy a bar-bell as well. But however, at some point you may even want to exercise some more and take it to the next level.

Weight Bench

Finally, the purchase of a rugged weight bench makes your own home studio complete. A good weight bench is the basis for highly efficient exercises and training. It allows much more. But there are great differences in the quality and additional equipment. Therefore it is advisable to first think about what the new training device is needed for and what you want to achieve.

Weight Bench

Some pieces can be pretty expensive. But you can look for used weight benches on the popular website for classified adds In addition to your wallet, you decide based on your own training goal, which one is the right choice for you.

So I hope the information will be helpful for you. And if you are looking for some more sports and training equipment, you can always go the great used for sales site They offer a wide variety of semi- and professional sports gear as well as training cloths and shoes and much more.