Sports Memorabilia

What’s up everybody, hope you are all having an amazing December and I would like offer a warm welcome back to my sports blog; discgolfdungeon. I have recently come into a bit of money, and as such I decided to expand my collection of sports memorabilia. I have found some real treasures in the last week, especially online. You can find lots of bargain deals online that even include some pretty rare items. I’ve bought some really cool stuff lately, from a jersey worn on the field to the program handed out at the game. Some of them have pretty cool backstories as well, and it's those items I would like to share with you.

Super Bowl XVI Pin

Any football fan would want to grab themselves one of these pins. Handed out at the 1982 Super Bowl in New Orleans this game featured all time greats such as Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig and Ronnie Lott on the 49ers side and Boomer Esiason on the Bengals. Such an incredible game. 

1980’s Wheaties Box

A Wheaties box may not seem very special, but in 1980 when the US olympics men's team won the gold medal for ice hockey this became a very special box. The entire team signed a run of boxes after their historic win, and this Wheaties box has become the most coveted cereal box since.

Miracle on Ice

1938 NFL Championship Program

Back before the AFL and the NFL merged and created the Super Bowl, there was an NFL championship game. The game was held in New York city and had an attendance that was just shy of fifty thousand. The game was between the East Champions New York Giants and the West Champion Green Bay Packers, with the Giants coming out on top. The program cost only twenty five cents at the game, but goes for thousands online today.  The cover of the program was even inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

New York Yankees Poster

In a time that feels like ages ago now, Lou Gehrig and Joe Dimaggio were both playing baseball for the New York Yankees. They had both posed for a picture at the field one day, which was then framed with the words “Pride of the Yankees” underneath it. Even though there was never a recorded signing of the picture it's still a great memento of some of the best players to wear a Yankee uniform. 

The Flag that Hit Orlando Brown

As you guys know, I am not a fan of the officials in the NFL right now or for the past decade. That’s why I have such a strong desire to get the flag that an official threw and subsequently blinded Orlando Brown. In 1999 official Jeff Triplette threw an errant flag that somehow made it into the facemask of Brown and struck him in the eye. Brown threw the official to the ground, and was ejected for the game because of this. The NFL also suspended Brown, but withdrew the suspension after his eye injury did not heal and he was left blind until his untimely death 12 years later.

Orlando Brown

Uganda Little League Baseball

This is a story that reminds me of being a kid and having sports day at school. In 2011 Uganda was up against a heavily favoured Saudi Arabia team for the world Little League qualifiers. They managed to defeat their opponents, and in doing so became the first African team to qualify for the Little League World Championship. Unfortunately they were later denied visas to the US due to what most say is a lack of record keeping in the impoverished nation, but for those kids making it to that point with their second hand equipment must have been exhilarating. The balls from that game were later sold to help fund later teams.

Uganda Little League

Anthony Robles College Headband

Born with only one leg, Anthony Robles made the most of his circumstances. Robles became a gifted wrestler, earning himself a Division I NCAA scholarship to Arizona State University. In his final year of eligibility, Robles was a force to be reckoned with going 36-0 in the season and eventually even defeating the reigning NCAA champion in the final. A headband from one of those game is a perfect for any wrestling fan, or anyone who cheers for the underdog. 

2006 World Cup Jersey

In 2006, the African nation of Cote d'Ivoire (or Ivory Coast) qualified for its first World Cup in team history. This was not only remarkable as the first time, but also because at that time the country was in the midst of a civil war. For the first time in what seemed like decades, people were focused on something other than the war. It may have been a short break(the team only lasted a couple weeks) but for those weeks people all over the country had something in common, the Elephants. 

That's it for this week guys, take it easy and see you all next time.