Hi folks. I’m back with another blog post. Again it’s going to be about a retro toy that is still mega popular today. Everyone I know must have had a go, and probably failed! It is of course the Rubik’s Cube. I was quite surprised to find out it was only released in the mid 70s, I thought it was much older than that. Anyway, it is still very popular nearly 40 years after release and is on of the most popular toys/puzzles in the world.


A gentleman called Erno Rubik invented it. He was a Hungarian architecture professor at the time.


The aim is simple, to get the six faces’ colours to match, so that is every side being only one colour each. It took me a few years to master it but now I can do one pretty quickly. I’ve managed it in less than three minutes on a few occasions, but that is someway off the world record. The fasted ever time is just crazy… 5.25 SECONDS. That was done this year in the USA. I’ve watched a video of it and it is totally bizarre. There are some very dedicated Rubik’s Cubers!


You can now get a Rubik’s TouchCube. It can include hints on it though so I think it is cheating. You’ll never beat the original for me. There is also Rubik’s Cube software available that enables you to try your hand at very large virtual cubes. I’ve not had the chance to have a go yet but a friend has it and he says it is very good, however the largest he has completed is 19x19x19 and you can go up to 1000s if you like.


My son is becoming very good at it and can do one in less than 10 minutes and he is only 8. I reckon he’ll be beating me in a few years. Not sure if he’ll ever get down to world record standards but you never know!!