Hello everyone, yep it’s Miles again and my ankle is still badly swollen and I am resigned to the sofa. It’s been nearly a week now and it hurts like hell. I’m sure there must be some damage than just swelling. If it’s still no good in a few days then I’ll have to go back to the hospital and get another X-ray, as I’m sure the last time this happened to me it didn’t last this long. You get older though and the body just takes that bit longer to rejuvenate every time. Some people may like this kind of lifestyle but I am not one to usually sit around and do nothing, so the past few days I have been thinking about bringing an old hobby of mine back into my life; video games. Originally I thought about a PS4 but then they are not cheap and I don’t want to take up any more space in the lounge, plus I don’t want to turn into a lazy so-and-so! I have a bit of an addictive personality and I don’t want to sit up until 3am every night playing Call of Duty or something similar. So next on the list was something handheld, then I can put it down/pick it up when I want and it doesn’t get in the way of much, plus the days of the Gameboy and those kinds of graphics are far behind us.


Vita or 3DS?


It seems like the likely choice was either a PS Vita or a Nintendo 3DS. The PS Vita is a little cheaper and slimmer than the 3DS, but for some reason I always had my heart set on a Nintendo device. I was a Nintendo child back in the 80s and Mario Bros. was the first video game that I got hooked on, I would play it for hours, and if ever I misbehaved my mother would ban me from the console. Those few days or hours would be dark days indeed. It would feel like an eternity to be away from the Nintendo! I would bug my mom constantly until she let me go back on it.


Super Mario Land 3D


The Nintendo 3DS has something over the Sony device and it is simply the fact that you can get Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS, and from what I have read it is probably the best handheld game you can play at the moment, so I was sold, just like that. Take a look at this page Super Mario 3D Land and tell me you aren’t excited about playing that game! I love the fact that I am old enough to see the revolution in video games and games consoles. If you would have shown me what I can play now, when I was a ten year old, I would have been blown away. I’m a big kid inside anyway and I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of enjoying video games. The fact that I haven’t owned anything myself for last few years didn’t stop me from visiting my mates’ houses and getting stuck in there. My wife just couldn’t believe that grown men could stay up until 3am playing video games rather than being down the pub or in a club. We are a bunch of geeks though!


Picking up a Bargain


So I managed to pick up a cheap 3DS from a second-hand site. I did a bit of scouring on the Internet for a day or two and found some great bargains. The best Nintendo 3DS bargains though were on this site here. Very easy to use and navigate and managed to pick up a nearly new 3DS for a very good price. Was delivered in two days and I paid through PayPal, simple as that. Good site and will be using again next time I need to pick up a great deal. Found a great set of headphones on there too. Very happy indeed!


So, to the 3DS! What a great little machine. I didn’t expect it to be quite so good as it was, and Super Mario Land 3D is every bit as good as all the reviews I have read. I have not been able to put it down for the past couple of days, and I’ll be able to play it when I commute to work when my ankle is better, that way I won’t upset my wife too much. My son keeps pestering me for a go and I have reluctantly given in a couple of times, but I have purposefully tried to keep him away from being over reliant on TV and video games, so his time is restricted. He’ll thank me when he grows up and actually has the ability to talk to people he doesn’t know. Face-to-face that is as well, and not over the Internet. I am happy with my development in that department though so I will keep playing this little thing whilst my leg recuperates.




The 3DS will also play some old DS games as well, and a mate of mine has one of those that I am pretty sure he didn’t sell yet, so will give him a ring soon and see what he’s got. Next on my list though is Mario Kart 7. Can’t believe there are that many Mario Karts. I remember playing the very first one on the Super Nintendo, I used to be in competition with my brother and my dad, one of us would break the record and then the others would be hogging the machine to try and get it back. My dad would stay up late, be proud as punch that he kept breaking it, only for me to do it either the next morning or after school the next day. He stopped playing against us when we were about 11, because he couldn’t keep up anymore. He hated it!


I recommend the Nintendo 3DS though, so if you’re thinking about getting one, then go ahead and do it, you won’t regret it!