One of my great passion is the cinema. I love going to see new movies in the evening on large screens with good quality. Lately I've been see latest Dicaprio film: The Revenant. This movie was highly anticipated and the opinions are quite different, that's why I will give you my opinion, should you really go see it?

The Revenant is the new film from Alejandro Gonzalez with Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio takes the role of a trapper who was attacked by a bear, and his companions are left him for dead. I don't give all the details of the story for  no spoiler, but it is the revenge that is the central theme of the film. And we see so far where is ready to go a man for revenge, fighting against nature, cold, humidity, fear, and fight against his body, infections, wounds, frostbite...
We can clearly say that The Revenant is once again a film with a big performance of Leonardo DiCaprio with which we suffers throughout the film. Some scenes are quite violent and it is hard for him. Small note, all the same, as is almost destroyed by the bears early in the film, he found his strength gradually to walk quite quickly. What displeased me comes from the fact that we don't realize well the temporality of the film, as winter settles in during his journey, but how much time has passed? A few days, weeks, months? It is hard to understand the thing, because finally we have the impression that everything takes place on the space of about a week.
Although there is no big final, we don't see the time pass during the film. The Revenant is essentially based on the performance of Leonardo Dicaprio, who may have his Oscar this year with this role, who knows? The Revenant is not for me a film which will mark me deeply, but it's still a good movie well directed with good actors, beautiful landscapes, good music. I don't think that is an unforgettable movie but il fou like cinema or DiCaprio, you must see The Revenant.