Hi everyone, Miles here. Welcome back to my blog! I hope you have enjoyed everything I have written so far. It has really been great for me to have a place where I can share all of my hobbies and interests with likeminded people. I really appreciate all of your comments and feedback so far and I look forward to continuing the blog further. So for today’s blog entry I thought that I would talk to you about my most recent hobby.


How the project started

So now that our family is getting a little bit bigger I wanted to make more space in our home. The only thing is, renovating a house is a lot of hard work and is very time consuming. It’s not really a practical thing to do when you have a family and can be quite stressful and disruptive. So, I have been trying to think of ways I can generate more space but that doesn’t really intrude on our current living arrangement. Me and my wife have worked hard to get our house exactly how we want it so it seems a shame to start changing things now. That being said things are getting a little cramped and we really do need more space! Well, after racking my brain, I decided that the most logical alternative to renovating the house would be to create an external space out in the garden. We actually have quite a big garden and we enjoy spending time in it in the summer months and by a fire during the cooler months so it would be nice to make extra use of this space. I guess what I had in mind was a kind of playhouse that can be used by both adults and children. I actually had one when I was growing up. It was basically a fancy wooden shed that I think was called a wendy house or a playhouse I cant remember. It was such a great place for me and my friends to hang out. I think as much as you love your family everyone just needs their own space sometimes. So with this in mind I wanted to create a space that the kids can feel happy in away from the prying eyes of their parents but also somewhere for me and my wife to entertain friends and family. I just love the idea of having a space that we can all escape to whenever we like. It would ideally be a place that we all feel comfortable in but that is also something a little different to our actual home, something just a little bit special I guess.


Buying a playhouse

I like to set myself projects and challenges so I was really looking forward to starting this one as I knew it would make a big difference. That being said, I am no carpenter so wouldn’t dream of building one from scratch. After doing some research I actually found some amazing examples at http://www.waltongardenproducts.ie/playhouses-and-outdoor-toys/playhouses that require no work so we would only of had to buy what furniture we wanted to go inside. This way of doing it though wasn’t particularly cost effective and it would have left us with something very generic looking.

I guess I wanted something more unique and that represented the whole family. Buying an old playhouse and doing it up was perhaps the perfect solution to this. This way I was starting off with a sound structure which could then be manipulated to look however we wanted. After speaking to a member of our family who buys a lot of second hand materials online I was recommended a site that had a playhouse for sale fitting the exact criteria I was looking for. The playhouse for sale arrived within 5 days of purchasing it which gave me just enough time to clear space in the garden for the playhouse and to buy the materials needed for the renovation.


 Work on the outside 


So the next step was designing the inside... Me and my wife wanted to create two separate areas so that the whole family would be able to put their own spin on the playhouse. We therefore decided to keep one area as more of a grown up space that me and my wife could relax in and use for entertaining. So for this we wanted to go with something that was both fresh and cosy. We therefore decided to paint the walls white to keep it bright but with warm colours dotted throughout within the interiors. We have a really comfy sofa in there - great for lounging on and a little patio area that holds some further seating, a bbq and a pizza oven which we mainly use for heating in the winter. There is then a separate area solely for the children – a no adults allowed zone! For this we have included a feature wall that we have covered with blackboard paint so that the kids can have some fun drawing. There are also a few bean bags scattered around and a TV with a games console. The children really enjoy this area and love showing it off to their friends.


The inside of the playhouse after a lot of hard work!


I hope you have found this read interesting and I look forward to hearing your feedback!