Miles here guys. It’s a sunny but cold day so I’m indoors with my son and a lot of Lego! He’s nodded off so I’m now sat at my laptop. As my son and I both love the plastic bricky stuff, this first post is going to be about Lego.


Most of us must have played with Lego at some point. I got into when I used to go round an old school friends house after school and he had a huge Lego set that I was immensely jealous of. We’d play for an hour or so, have some tea and then play again. Used to love doing that! It’s amazing how it has stayed so popular when so much other stuff goes out of fashion.


I’m a bit of a Lego geek, so this is what I know about them!


A Danish inventor by the name of Ole Christiansen founded Lego in the early 1930s. Many people don’t know that the word “Lego” has meanings in a few different languages. It is derived from two Danish words that mean “play well” and it has origins in Latin and Italian.  All the meanings have some connection to the process of building Lego. Fascinating and clever stuff hey!


2015 saw Lego become the most successful toy company on the planet, with revenue of over £1bn in the first half of the year.


Originally the company produced wooden toys, and it wasn’t until the late 1940s that Lego actually began building their famous plastic bricks.


Then there is the amazing Legoland, the original being in the town of Billund, where Lego was first created. My kids and I love it there and it is so much fun for all ages. I’ve promised my son that I will try and take him to all of the Legoland’s in the world! It’s more for me really, but don’t tell my wife and my son that!