Golf’s my new hobby

Welcome back everybody, this is Miles again. I’m here for my next instalment.

My last post was discussing hobbies and how I had come to the realization that I didn’t really have any hobbies these days. There’s me writing a blog on some of the cool things out there that people can do, yet I never actually got off my backside myself and got involved with any. I used to love playing with toys growing up, if you can remember, I was a big fan of lego growing up. I’d also written a post about segways but I haven’t taken up segwaying as a hobby.

Anyway, I had mentioned in the last post that I’d recently taken up swimming as a therapeutic hobby which has been great for keeping me calm and composed giving me plenty of time alone with my thoughts helping me to think more clearly and de-stress. I also mentioned how I’d taken up gardening as a bit of a hobby. It’s been great growing my own things and has helped not just to keep me busy but has also saved me a fortune ot having to buy so many groceries.



Taking-up Golf

Well now I’ve got a bit of a taste for the great outdoors and since my last post, I have now find another interest that’s helping to keep me fit. I’ve just started going down our local golf course for a spot of golf with my work buddies on a weekend. It started off with a couple of sessions down the driving range. My work colleague told me that I had a bit of a knack for smashing the ball so I decided to head-down to the course with a few other of my work colleagues and have a round of golf for real. It took me a bit to find my range but now I’m starting to get the hang of it and I’m beginning to understand which different clubs are needed for each of the different shots I’m faced with.

Time for a new set of clubs

I’ve been using a spare set of clubs that my uncle had lying around in his shed but as I’m starting to get into it, the clubs are hampering me a little bit and I reckon that a nice set of clubs would really help me to push-on a bit and improve my skills. I’ve been checking out a few of the major online stores for a set of clubs. My friend recommended going onto the American Golf Website. This friend however is a bit of a pro and he’s got a pretty good high-flying job so can afford to pick out each individual club he likes the look of and build his set up that way. Some of my uncle’s clubs are ok so I could probably get away with just buying a few of the main clubs I know I’d use the most and spend a little extra for slightly better ones rather than buying a whole set full.

Swanky clubs

The TaylorMade clubs look really nice but some of them are ridiculously expensive to buy brand-new. The TaylorMade RSi Irons are coming in at over £550. My mate has a whole set of them so you can imagine how much cash he’s got to burn. Callaway do a whole set, which would probably be more than adequate for my needs at the moment, for round the same price as a single TaylorMade club. It’s probably more within my budget but I’d maybe want some slightly nicer one’s so I don’t have to go and buy another set in a few months time.



Bargain second-hand clubs

I decided to check online for some second-hand clubs. If I could get a better set of clubs than the Callaway set I’d seen but pay the same money or even less, I’d be a happy man. As long as the clubs are in good shape and there’s no damage that will hinder me, I may as well go second hand, seems to make sense to me. I’ve spoken to a few of my work colleagues and they seem to think it’s a good idea as well. One of them bought a really nice second hand set for just under £1000 but they were worth about triple that brand-new. There’s definitely good deals to be had out there as a lot of golfers buy new clubs on a regular bases so their old one’s become obsolete even though they’ll do the business. My uncle for instance, can’t play anymore so that’s why I ended up with his. Like I said, he’s got an ok set but they’re by no means top of the range.

Decision time

Well after getting the thumbs up from my little golfing community, I’ve now started looking for a set of second-hand clubs. It’s now down to a choice of a few sets ranging from around £450 to £850. Do I go for the decent one’s at under £500 or do I splash the cash and spend nearly double on the pretty flash one’s that would definitely do me for the foreseeable future? I’m currently getting a bit of advice from my buddies but I’m pretty sure my minds already set on the flash ones. So if you want to check out old used for sale golf clubs is a decent site with plenty of choice. You should definitely find a nice set of clubs at a reasonable price.