Combination of diet and cardio exercise


Anyone can lose weight by exercising more, whether that be walking, jogging, swimming, whatever raises your heart rate steadily, for a controlled period of time. This is what most personal trainers refer to as cardiovascular, or cardio for short. The secret to losing weight and sustaining it is a combination of cardio and focussing on your diet. Obviously, if you train hard at the gym every morning your body needs fuel, meaning carbohydrates. These are best obtained from pasta, vegetables and so on. If you train everyday but are still a junk food addict what will happen is you will lose weight from exercising but eventually stop exercising as often. The reason for this being the junk food is fullfilling your needs for carbs initially but eventually your diet will make you tired and sluggish, meaning you’ll start skipping the gym. So stick with your chosen diet, no junk food and exercise as often as possible.

Simple things like walking or cycling home from work instead of driving is a good start, and obviously better for the environment. The best cardio workout in my opinion though is certainly in the pool. Swimming different strokes essentially will exercise pretty much every muscle in your body. Swimming using your legs only, whilst holding a bouyancy device, is excellent for your calves, thighs, lower back, stomach and buttocks. Also the awesome thing about swimming as your chosen cardio regime is it is pretty much impossible to get injured, unless you slip on the side of the pool of course! In fact swimming is obviously a great way to relieve sporting based muscular injuries. My advice, get eating properly and get to your local pool.