Miles again! But sadly not with any exciting news about newly discovered hobbies this time.  This ageing body of mine is not quite as sprightly and agile as it used to be and I have done myself a mischief of late.  Ok, so I haven’t exactly broken my leg but I have sprained my ankle badly.  I was playing footie with my kid and in one, overgrown child/egotistical/boastful tackle, something just gave way and down I went!  When I explained what happened to the nurse at A&E she gave me a stern look that seemed to scream “having a midlife crisis are you?” Which I thought was a little unfair as it’s not like I hurt myself skateboarding, or stage diving into the mosh pit at a rock concert!


So, my days of swimming and playing golf are numbered, for now anyway.  Now that the pain has subsided a little, I’m struggling a bit to think of a non weight-bearing hobby that I can take up. As much as I love my dear mates, their suggestion to spend my evenings propping up the, erm, armchair in my local pub just doesn’t seem appealing to me anymore - not since I’ve discovered some healthier, more enjoyable pursuits.


So, for my new/temporary hobby - It needs to be something I’ll enjoy.  As you may have guessed, I’m a competitive soul so solitaire is not for me! And as much as I love the great outdoors, it’s a little cold to be out there in a sedentary position at this time of year.  I love playing with lego with my son but really need to find something to kill the time after he has gone to bed and I’m not really one for watching the telly. Ah well, back to the drawing board it is I guess