Back to the Playing Field


Well, not quite. But my ankle is definitely on the mend and I’m sure I will be back out in the fresh air in no time. It’s been great fun playing the Nintendo and I will keep this hobby on but, as you know, I’m an outdoors kind of guy and whilst sitting for hours feeling sorry for myself and my bulging ankle, I was secretly fantasizing about all the adventure sports I could finally get involved in once I’m all healed up.


I’ve really enjoyed my recent take up of golf and this is something I can see myself continuing with well into my twilight years.  However, I’m not getting any younger and my body could do with a more vigorous work out.  So, I was considering getting into rock climbing. Does anyone have any experience of this? There is a rock climbing gym in my neighbourhood and it had never even crossed my mind to take a look in there before I sprained my ankle.  I know I’m a long way off putting that kind of pressure on a recovering joint but I’d like to start planning this so that I can start as soon as I’m strong again.


So here’s what I’d love to hear from any of my readers:


  • What is your experience with rock climbing?
  • Is it best to start in a gym or out in the open?
  • Should I join a rock climbing club?
  • How expensive is this hobby?
  • How long should it take for someone of my age and fitness level to become moderate-good at climbing?
  • Do I need a friend who can belay or will I find willing climbing partners at rock climbing sites?


Any advice would be most welcome. I really had never considered climbing as a hobby before my injury but now, after many hours spent thinking about it, I feel that it would be something I would enjoy and may even be able to do with my son in the future.


Thanks and speak to you all again soon.