Airsoft Guns

    Welcome everybody, I just got back from visiting my family and just had to make a post about all this new Airsoft Equipment for my sports blog. I know a lot of you probably don’t think airsoft is a sport, but it is apparently way bigger than I or almost anyone I know thought. After catching up with a friend in Maryland, he showed me some GoPro footage from his helmet in an airsoft match he was recently in. This match had over 100 participants on the field at once! That is just crazy. I remember running around the backyard, using my assault rifle and letting my friend use my handgun but this stuff is crazy. People has sniper rifles, shotguns, silenced handguns and so so much more. I started watching this Polish guy on Youtube who does sniping, and his videos are insane! People are using claymores, grenades, smoke grenades, flashbangs and there are even people running around with plastic knives like it's Call of Duty.


    It was when my brother showed me his amatuer collection of ridiculous airsoft equiptment that it hit me how huge it was. My friend is Maryland owns an airsoft shop so that made sense. My brother is just an annoying 18 year old, the fact that he had all this stuff I would expect to see in an army bunkey was blowing my mind. These guns looked so real, and some even had no orange tip. He even let me have an airsoft grenade of his, which I have yet to use. Maybe next time some creature tries to take a poop in our house, BAM airsoft grenade. I think this is really cool though, and I want to eventually get involved in some hard core airsoft. If there is anything like that in your area you should check it out!


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